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shaders on chunk guns

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What do you use to make your shaders ? I made mine out of copper now need to darken them but don't want to paint them any ideas will be welcome. Thanks for your input.

I have made them out of copper also, but I painted them black. The copper one is a full tube, single piece. Have also made them out of sheet metal and black PVC pipe. There was a fellow at a shoot once that used 2 toilet paper rolls and as I recall shot pretty well.

I am doing every thing they say won't work I just want to play I built a Blunt Co. Tenn. rifle in .32 cal with a 3/4 barrel and boys stock light weight it shoots well so far have not tried prone yes been shooting from a bench getting good gropes but can get tighter I think. I think they used small cal's years and they worked I think they still will I am not looking to win top dog just want some meet at the the Alvin York shoot I can be there in about 45 min's thing I will have fun trying to place some good shooters show up there.

Candle Snuffer:
I use the 1 1/4" thin wall PVC and paint it flat black.  The paint seems to hold to it good.  I also just use 1/2" copper over my front sight and spray paint it flat black also.

Roger Fisher:
Many yrs ago when Barbara stopped using her quilting frame, I cut off part of it that happened to be half round w/a rolled edge.  I laid good ol' duct tape over the edge to soften it's effect on my barrel side flat.  It is stiff but still bendable so I can adjust it for my offhand rifle also when shaders are allowed....  They really make the sights stand out for old eyes.  I don't know if a full length shader would be better olr not.  I do know it would not fit in my shootin box ::)


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