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Auto springs?


b bogart:
Are these good metal for knife making or anything else? I am now the proud owner of a pair off my son's 67 Mustang. I'm no blacksmith! What kind of use is there for them before they get scrapped?

We once used one to make a crossbow.  3/8 steel cable for a string, cock it with a hydralic jack, and it would drive a 2' piece of 5/8" rebar completely through a railroad tie.    We started wondering what would happen if the string broke, and suspended development on the project. 

Chuck Burrows:
For that period they are most likely 5160 or possibly 1080/1084 steel - excellent for knife or axe/tomahawk blades - lots of info out there on how to work it.......

b bogart:
Now the next question,anyone got a use for them??

Dale Halterman:
I'd kinda like to make one of those crossbows. What did you use for a release mechanism?

Dale H


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