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A book review by T. D. Glazener 11/3/2021

Piedmont North Carolina Banded Powder
Horns, Hunting Bags and Bullet Molds

The history of powder horn making in Piedmont North Carolina

By C. Michael Briggs

I just read this book and thought about a few things. I own or have owned numerous NC rifles, both contemporary and original. I usually try to pair a horn and bag set with them. I never gave the horns much thought except that they needed to “look” Southern. Not being a horn collector I didn’t think of them as being particularly unique to certain areas. But now I realize they too have different “schools” much like American long rifles. After reading Michael’s book, I know I should do a little research before picking a horn to go with one of my long rifles.

Michael’s book covers Piedmont NC horns found in the following NC counties, Alamance, Guildford, Randolph, Chatham, Moore, Davidson, Forsyth, Rockingham, Surry, and Rowan.

There are also photos/information on bullet molds, hunting bag accessories, and several original hunting bags along with the horns. One of the bags that I especially like is one from Surry County NC. It has a double horn attached to a bag with a pierced strap.

Included, in this book are photos of Howard Kendal’s grand collection of NC horns. Howard lives in Indiana and found many of these NC horns in his home state. Michael gives his thoughts on how these horns came to be in that state.

The book is 8.5” X 11” and contains 92 pages; color photos show different views with close-ups showing details

Photos of the front and rear cover are shown below along with ordering information for this book and others by Michael :

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