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Banding material scrapers?

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Good evening y'all

I heard somewhere on here that you can make some pretty simple scrappers using banding material.  I grabbed a little bit from work the other day but I'm not really sure what to do with it at this stage.  I think if I understand it right it needs to be really flat on one side, then sharpened like a knife on the other then burnished on top to make a rolled edge? Pretty sure there's some tempering in there too.  I don't have any experience with that part either be it I got a torch and a willingness to learn 😁

Can anyone walk a newbie through this?


Tim Crosby:
  You don't have to use heat on it. Cut a piece about 6" long to start, it should be as flat as you can get it. Lay it on a sharpening stone and with even pressure move it back and forth. After about 20 passes take a look at the side you have been polishing, if it is the same old dark colored strapping I've used you will see where the color has been polished off. You want to make sure all the edges are being polished, do the same to both sides. Now set it on edge and do the same to both edges, you can do the ends if you want. After the edges repeat on the sides and give it a try. I do not roll the edges on them but you can if you want. I think no edges gives a smoother cut.
 Hope that helps.

   Tim C.     

Well that's a lot easier than I was expecting! Lol! Thank you for sharing!

they work nice as an improvised wavy parallel if you need one. Just bend it into a zigzag and off you go. another benefit is they can be used on thin parts
and still fit between the vise jaws! I grab a few different widths from the pallets around work, just to keep on hand.  works for that one project that needs a weird size,
different my standard set of parallels..

<  or I cud just buy a couple sets that are adjustable?? ;)  >

Of course they work great as scrapers!!!  :P

Respect Always

I've seen parallels mentioned in a few places, what do you use those for?


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