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L. Houston Harrison

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Some time ago, maybe 2 years or so, someone posted a photo of a group of shooters which contained one person identified as L. Houstom Harrison.  It was a great photo that I wanted to keep but somehow appear to have deleted it.  Any possibility that someone out there has this photo?  There were probably 10 people in it.  Those standing in the back were all "dressed" in Alvin York event attire and there were three people seated in the front with a woman in the center.  Sure would appreciate it if you could post it again.


Cades Cove Fiddler:
 ;) ;)... Miss Molly,.... this might be the picture ye want,... Old Houston is on the far right,... if ye never knew him,... ye should have ... great gunsmith and banjer pickker,... regards,.. Cades Cove Fiddler...

Cades Cove Fiddler:
... The Lady seated is Jane Wright,... Mrs. to the Artist and all-around great guy, David Wright who is standing behind her to the right,.. Bill Burt is kneeling just to left of her,.. second fellow from the left standing might be Mel Hankler,... someone maybe can put names to the others,... This was at the York shoot many years ago, and they still use it in advertising sometimes,... A great gang there,...ask David about his "almost" perfect target at that shoot,... !!!... you'ns must come down and shoot sometime,.....CCF   

Robin Henderson:
You beat me to it Dana. The fella on David's right is Allen Coon. Here's the ad....

Cades Cove Fiddler:
 ;) ;).. Robin,... get David to tell you his score from that day,.. !!!


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