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L. Houston Harrison

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Dennis Glazener:

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I believe that is John Braxton standing on the very left end and Mel to his right.

That's it.  Thanks to all.  We have a 25 cal flintlock made by Harrison.  Really an exceptional work.  Wanted the photo to be a part of the "story".

Robin Henderson:
The first Harrison rifle I ever saw was way back in the early 1970s. I was a to muzzle loading. I happened to be at Charlie Haffner's range(Owl Hollow) outside of Franklin, Tennessee. At the time his range was a hot bed of muzzleloader activity and on that day there was two fellows shooting their flintlocks. I remember them saying they were from Gallatin, Tennessee which was Houston's stompin grounds. One was shooting the most beautiful flintlock that my untrained eye had ever seen. It was a 25 cal that Houston Harrison had built. Since that day, I've been fortunate to witness and handle several of his firearms. All I can say is that he was crazy talented and rates at the very top of all contemporary builders IMHO. 

I have seen a very few photos of his work.  Photos are one thing but to have one in your hands is another.  Ours IS a 25 cal but until we got it I'm not sure it had ever been fired.  This gun was made for Don Stith and inside the patch box is a small piece of white leather upon which it is so written.  I'll post a few pics later.

As you say, Molly, photos can only hint at the joy of seeing a great rifle up-close and in person.  A couple years back Ken Gahagan had a Bucks County rifle made by Harrison on display at the CLA show.  It was associated with several celebrities such as Fess Parker and pictures of it have been posted on here before.  I got to handle it at the show, and it really is a beautiful work of art. The man was very talented. 


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