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Restoring a post vise

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Dan Fruth:
I am getting a Christmas/Birthday present ready for my son...Blacksmith equipment.

First I had to make a base for my vise so I could work on his.

The coil spring has got to GO!...Lets forge a kick spring.

This harrow's spring tooth should work fine.

Forging the hook and foot of the spring

The kick spring clamped in position...It Works!

Next installment will be making the mounting bracket...

Looking good, Dan. Still have the one that belonged to my great grandfather.
Myself, both my sons, and my grandsons have all pinched our fingers in the handle of that thing when we were young!

Dan Fruth:

James Rogers:
Looks super! What a nice gift!

That is a pretty clean vise. I donít think that is the original coil spring , but the new one looks better anyway.


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