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Jumping the gun regarding rust

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I visited a little, remote country store, just a few months ago. And there it 'twas, sitting on a shelf at the back of the store was and elderly looking can of 3-IN-ONE oil. It had been a few years since I had owned a can of this ole home remedy. If one reads the cover on the can, this here stuff is mighty fine for cleaning and preserving yo' metal. I purchased the oil - took it home and used it on the surface of some firearms.

I git scared about this time every year. The humidity here in southern Virginia is rather frightening in July and August. Yesterday was 'fess up time for my guns - they had to prove that my 3-IN-ONE oil was doing it's job. A close inspection indicated that such oil had done just fine. This oil seems to be pretty thick stuff...guess such thickness helps maintain good coverage over metal.  Anyhow, I put a fresh coat of the same oil on the guns again, jess to be safe. I can't stand the sight of rust...


Here in the UK 3 in 1 oil is still quite common and can be easily bought in most hardware stores.I use it a lot on restoration work I find it usefull on cleaning gun lock parts.

Edd, it's a common oil in nearly every store around here too.  I always have a can of it handy & use it on everything except my guns.  I have used WD40 for at least 30 years on guns with excellent results, mind you we don't live in a sauna here, it's closer to dessert conditions.

Welcome to the forum Feltwad!  :)

I'm on coastal Alaska with 120+ inches of rain a year, but thankfully not the heat.  3-In-One is still around, but used by proponents for lube rather than rust prevention.  I'm as guilty as the next in automatically grabbing some modern compound for rust prevention without giving it a chance. 

Thanks for the post Edd.  I've always liked the smell of the stuff, so I'll give it a go.

  Many of the modern gun shooters I've come to respect on Jim Saubier's small bore forum use Kroil Oil.  I managed to pick up a can in Hider Alaska a couple years ago. It is a wonderful lube, and penetrator. A lot of these guys mix Kroil with another gun solvent, 50/50 for cleaning the modern guns. I've tried that and it's wonderful.  The oil content keeps guns from rusting, which is our interest in this stuff. Guys in the lower 48 should all try it - great stuff for a rust preventative and a wonderful penetrating oil as well.  I liked it so much, I gave some to Taylor for his guns.


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