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Who has molds for sale

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Found a good used lyman .490 at Dixons with handles   ;D

I'm glad. I have a DC Lee .495 mould I could part with (keeping the Lyman DC .495) but the shipping alone from here, would be almost the cost of a new one (Lee).

I have molds available in:
.395 / .495 / .35 (.350) and a few others, tell me what you need.
.35 mold is sold. Thank you.

Bob Roller:

--- Quote from: emmagee on September 21, 2021, 04:54:14 AM ---Try Ebay. I have found lots of nice used Lyman round ball mold blocks there. Lyman has discontinued many of the round ball sizes but they show up pretty regularly there.

--- End quote ---
MOST of the molds listed on Ebay do  NOT tell the caliber and that is no way to sell anything.
Bob Roller

Ok guys I've got the molds I need Thank you for the replies,   but I'm sure other guys are in the same boat I was 


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