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October Postal Shooting Match

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D. Taylor Sapergia:
I have opened this thread to record the results of this match, but the instructions for October are in the September match thread

I moved the October Match rules to here:

 "I think we'll use this same target for October's match, and the same bench rest format, to see what kind of groups folks can wring out of their favourite rifles.  And like the Sept event, it'll be for fame, glory, and edification, rather than a material prize.

Submit up to 4 targets...measure centre to centre for group size...five shots on a target...50 yards, rest.  Now some prefer X sticks or elbow rest on a table, but a bench with double support is allowed as well. 
What we're looking for is the best five shot group, anywhere on the paper, that you and your rifle can provide.
Post your loads, rifle, etc. so that comparison can be made, and learning the goal.
My advice:  shoot slowly, allow your barrel to cool, avoid sight mirage issues which increase as the barrel heats. (I will try to follow my own advice).  Try cleaning between shots and shooting out of a clean barrel for each shot.  Also try shooting a fouling shot and then follow up with five shots for score through a fouled barrel.  This is an opportunity to discover (again) what works best for you and for your rifle.  Have fun!!"
D. Taylor Sapergia

D. Taylor Sapergia:
Thanks Daryl!

I just found 2 more pounds of 2F. Let me know when!
Thought I was going to have to use some inferior Old Enysford 3F.  ;)

All, There's a potential problem with downloading and printing last month SB target (or it could be my printer settings).  To wit, #10098 is indeed an 8" target, which is OK, but a lot larger than the one we used in the September SB match.  However, target #10098 is 4" in diameter and likely visible to most @ 50 yd.:  Is this the target we want, or will we be shooting for group at the 8" one #10094)?


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