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The more and more I see of them the more I like them. But I'm wondering about the practicality in the field. If you're a stalker/still hunter in mountains to thickets and require climbing up and down and getting on your hands and knees to crawl through all manner of things are they practical? Do they flop around everywhere and get hung up on things like I imagine or are they not too bad? I'd love to get into it but they would soon learn the warmth of a bin if they were constantly hampering my hunting.

They were the most practical option 250 years ago.  You needed basic tools and supplies to keep a gun running and haul balls. A horn was the plastic of its day, and made a waterproof, strong container for dispensing powder.  It appears that you are only viewing bags and horns through 21st century eyes. 

To paraphrase Mike Venturino, a bag and horn set may be obsolete, but they are far from ineffective.  Many animals that fall to a muzzleloader each year can attest that flintlock and percussion guns fall in the same category.

Just FYI, in the old days many men who had to move fast and silent carried small bags positioned up high under the armpit.  The upper arm held the bag and horn still. Today it is easier to access a bag that is positioned lower, and few of us are running from hostile opponents bent on killing us. 

I hope this helps.  God bless, Marc

Just wondering, what would you propose as an option?
Carrying everything loose in a pocket seems problematical
Tim A

Living out here in the far west the problem I see with the bags is that they are way, way too big. Some look like leather suitcases. In the days of old the bags were much smaller and only carried what they needed to hunt and survive. Look in may of the "big bags" of today and there is enough stuff to outfit a brigade. As to carrying them higher up is true and really helps. Some people I see at shoots have the top of the bag below their hip. Doing that I can see it flapping around and getting it hung up on everything.

bob in the woods:
If you want evidence of practicality, just look to the 18th C Milice who travelled hundreds of miles through the woods in winter to attack the New England settlements.  Horns, bags, slit pouches....if you live with and depend on this stuff you learn to use it to the best effect. 


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