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When I fell into the BP world some 55 years ago I carried a separate horn & bag and they hung down pretty low on me.  Time passed and the straps became shorter.  Being built close to the ground means straps can't be all that long or they cause problems. 
Finally it dawned on me how few shots were expended on a deer hunt.  That was when I began carrying 4 premeasured powder tubes and 4 extra balls, the first load was of course in the rifle.  But all hunts are not alike and small game - think squirrels - hunting usually involved much more shooting.  So back to shooting bags. 

I started making most everything I needed to shoot/hunt including bags and pouches.  I'm no craftsman and "crude" is the absolutely highest level of workmanship I can accomplish.  Authenticity is not an issue but functional certainly is.  I do "decorate" stuff just a bit and have also been gifted a couple of nice bags from those who actually CAN do nice work.  Both my bags and horns are on the small side, day horn & day bag.  This is what I came up with years ago and they work.....but childish, yes.

Only time I carry pouch and horn, is at Rendezvous or if I am doing a Historically correct hunt with friends. Otherwise I have a small leather belt cartridge box, with short starter attached and vent pick inside. 5 paper cartridges inside the box, that is all it holds, only powder in the cartridges. Ball block hangs from my neck, holds 5 balls. priming container in a pocket. Everything else I need for hunting is in my day pack.


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