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While I usually think too much fringe is "cringe" I had a bunch of small scraps of leather I couldn't bare to throw out and wanted to try something based on two originals - one from late 19th century East Tennessee - a Jake Blevins bag noted in John Rice Erwin's book on southern Appalachian guns, the other the Jesse McGlemary bag from Rutherford County, NC (early 19th century).  I've seen a few of this style replicated by more talented contemporary bag makers but I'm wondering if the experts on the forum have seen other original examples of "bearded" bags - if so please let me know.  As far as I know they seem to be a Southern Appalachian thing.  This is a kit I made for a Gillespie rifle a friend made years back.  I wanted something Appalachian to go with it.  The leather is brain tanned deer then dyed with walnut, stitching with linen thread.  The strap is by Pam Hutton and banded horn by Tim Crosby - two talented artists I highly recommend!  Hopefully this bag will accompany me on a bear hunt some day up in North Georgia.  That's the idea anyways.

Yes, I had one in the shop a few years ago. It was detailed a bit in a Muzzleloader article on the topic done at the time. Neat old bag, but in near relic condition. It was actually rescued from a burn pile as I recall.
Tim A

You did a "real" nice job on this pouch.

Great set, strap and horn really complete it!

Thank you for sharing.



That is a beautiful bag, and looks a lot like one I saw at Knoxville last year.  There is a lot of work in there. 
Below is one I made, with the beard on the flap versus the body.  God Bless,   Marc

Frank Barker:
I love these bags. One of these days I am going to do one for my collection...



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