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Andrew Kopp 090921-1
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No stats on this, but it is a fine rifle. The Kopp family of makers consistently gave the public their money's worth back then and they are still doing it. Everything about the piece is as nice as can be, and I support its inclusion in the Library as soon as it can be moved.
I see lots of good honest wear but no changes indicating that anything has ever been done to the rifle. It is a quality percussion gun likely made in the first half of the 1800s and has tasteful ornamentation and carving even though that era was past, or passing.

Nice rifle in original condition. The Kopps were known for their better quality engraving, and this later rifle continues that characteristic in its side plate and toe plate; however, the later style "key hole finial" patchbox is rather sparsely engraved for a Kopp rifle. The incised butt carving is a nice touch that adds interest on this later rifle. It's a good example of Andrew Kopp's work for the museum. 
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