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Nice old screw tip horn..!

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Rajin cajun:
A friend of mine just found this beauty...!

mr. no gold:
what a great find!!! Berks County with painted 'measles spots.' There aren't too many of these around and some think that they are somewhat early, (Rev War period and slightly after).
This horn needs a good Reading rifle to go with it. Thank our for posting the photos.

Tim Crosby:
 Really cool, I should be so lucky. Dick is right, you don't see many of them come out of hiding.

   Tim C.

j. pease:
Northern Berks county with lead oxide decoration, spots are often faded, this is good specimen. I had a recent post of a Northern Berks county horn that I made to help Art DeCamp teach lead oxide decoration during the horn class at Conner Prairie. This was a popular decoration in the last quarter 18th century

Frank Barker:
j. pease... I asked this same question on another post but no one has answered it yet. What is lead oxide and how is it applied ? That is a beautiful horn and for some reason I like the simplicity of the decoration.

Kind Regards


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