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New here and wasnít sure where to post this question.
Has anyone documented the Hinson rifle? Specifically the barrel diameter and rifling twist rate. Also was the barrel tapered or straight? I understand it weighed 17-18 pounds and barrel was 41 inches long and .50 cal.

What little I know about the rifle is that it's still owned by the family and seldom shows up out in public. Photos I've seen suggest a barrel about 1-1/2" across the flats, but I don't think the weight calculations don't work out for a tube that big. Given the lack of general shooting knowledge found in most journalists, it's unlikely anything short of a hands-on inspection by a knowledgeable researcher would reveal the true nature of the bore characteristics. Did it shoot Minie balls or Picket-style bullets or some other variant? There are lots of questions about this rifle and like you, I'd love to hear the facts.

Pvt. Jack,
I have a few pictures of the Hinson rifle that I got from a  perspective customer who was wanting to get a bench copy of the rifle made.  If you will send me your email address, I will send you the photographs I have concerning the rifle.  I tried to find out who the smith was that made the rifle and could not get any details.   The  guy wanting the rifle made had Rice produce a  barrel for him to use.   As the rifle is today, the barrel measures 39 inches in length and he indicated that it had been cut off in the past and he could not get the details on what  length it was originally.  He thought the original barrel measured 1 3/8 across the flats, but he had his barrel made 1 1/8 across the flats.  His info on the twist was it was a fast twist rifling that was used with some type of Enfield mold.  He had his Rice barrel cut 1 in 48 hoping he could  use both round 50 cal. balls or the long bullets if he could get the correct mold.  Bill said that the original rifle as it is today weighed in the 17 t0 18 pound range.  He is letting someone who went to gunsmithing school build the rifle, but not much work has been done yet.  One of my friends sent me a book about the rifle's owner and the history around the war.  It covers the history of the family, but very little details around the smith and rifle.  However, I have just scanned through the book and have not read it cover to cover.
                                                                     Roger Sells

Yes, the only reference I can find to bullets is Hinson used Minie balls. I suspect the barrel is closer to 1 3/8 diameter than 1 1/2 but donít know. I am really curious on the twist rate and wondered if gain twist is s possible. I have tried contacting the current owner with no success.


I built a bench copy for a guy and his wife that was doing reenacting of jack Hinson!
A lawyer has the original and my client was able to go and photograph the original rifle for my build!
Give me a call and would be glad to share all that I have!


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