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Jack Hinson Rifle

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Thanks Steve, what’s a good time of day to call?

Would you mind sharing more details here? I would love to see/hear more about it also!

Robin Henderson:
The rifle resides just down the road from me in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and is owned by a local retired judge. I've never seen the rifle in person but by using your favorite search engine and typing in "Jack Hinson rifle in Murfreesboro" you will get the story and quite a few images.

If I can figger out how to post pictures I will post pictures of the org and the one I did!
The book of Jack Hinson's one man war haw several details.
Email me @
any tome during the day or after 9:00 pm
The gentlemen that I built it for was killed in a car crash last year!
We became good friends during the build:(

Just now, oddly enough, reading the one man war book.  Interesting but has to be some creative writing as the detail of some situations of the family's life are included.  It says the rifle shot a mini ball in 50 cal.  That would contribute to some accuracy over a round ball.  But some details are conflicting with the situation.  In thinking of what kind of rifle he wanted Hinson indicated he wanted on to fire a mini ball "as there would be plenty available" from the spoils of Union engagements.  But those would have been 58 cal ??  The author also does not seem to get the loading and firing routine correct.  Do you use a patch with a mini ball?  Do you fire the rifle from the rear trigger?

Fact or fiction it is never the less an interesting story and certainly delivered in an interesting manner.  And there is no way the incredible horror for those involved can escape coming to mind.  Life was beyond painful and I share the profound sadness that must have been with them every day.  Any yet life went on.  I would love to see the copy of the rifle and also would it not be great if some of the skilled builders would make another one or two.  Bet they would be easily sold.


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