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Hey guys,

I have been reading in the posts about lock bolt shortages, and seem to be a bit confused.  I happen to own a fastener supply company.  I have not been into our offices for a few weeks so I just assumed there were shortages.  To my surprise this morning, I checked our manufacturers stock, and see no holes in supplies for #6, #8, #10 fasteners between 2" and 2-1/2".  I checked pan head, oval head, round head and truss head options in slotted drives.  No holes in supply.  Are we using a special alloy for locks?  I am assuming they are 1006 or 1022 alloy as that is the most common.  If someone who knows the specs for these could let me know, I have no problem ordering a case of each flavor and sending them out to whoever needs them.  I have always just ordered them from whoever I purchase my parts from as we don't have a ton of slotted fasteners that we stock in our warehouses, and it was just easier that way.  I hope I can help.


D. Keith Lisle:
I think the issue was getting a unplated 6-32 lock screw with the large heads that are the same size as the 8-32 & 10-32 lock screws. And also same screws having aprox 1” of shaft unthreaded.  These particular screws are not the run of the mill screws.
A few guys wanted Any long 6-32 screws to get the by til the special ones are back in stock & I found  them some & mailed out 12 dozen of them. 

However, if you have these dome head screws as shown in 6-32, I am interested in 12 to 24 of each.
The large head is 3/8”  dome head & the small one is 5/16”.  ( head is not same as typical round head)

They also make a 6-32 screw like this.  But I don’t have one (photo is 8-32)

D. Keith Lisle:
Also, these can easily be made out of rod stock or a 10-32 dome head lock screw on a small lathe on a CNC.
However, most don’t have access to either & it is cost prohibitive to have a machine shop with the proper machine turn you out a dozen 6-32 screws.

You do not need CNC set up to make a screw. Manual lathe yes or just forge one. Its hard to believe a gun "build" comes to a stop for lack of lock bolts. It is called "gun building" not gun assembly. If you do this for any length of time it is easy to justify a small lathe. For me there is nothing worse than cheap imported hardware store screws.

Bob Roller:
Yea,verily.The LAST sentence in this note says it all.
Bob Roller


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