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Nice collection.   :)

Frank Barker:
How many makers do we have represented here ? That is a very nice collection and a nice addiction to have.
Kind Regards

Cades Cove Fiddler:
 ;D ;D... I, on the other hand, like the coverlet on which these are displayed,... the pattern is called "cat tracks and snail trails" and was one of the more rare and interesting patterns woven by mountain women with homespun wool yarn here in these NC Smoky mountains,... I live not far from the Allenstand area... well known for the talented weavers,... these are an addiction for me,... I own about 20 of them,... !!! ... regards,... CCF

Dennis Glazener:
One of my mother's cousins was one of the first weavers at "Penland" near Spruce Pine NC, I have a book that tells the story of how it came about, very interesting. If you have not visited you should drop by there sometime when you are in the area. Many different craft trades are being taught there.


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