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I finally finished it up this week. I didn't get any finished photo's before Wayne picked it up today. Maybe we can talk him into posting more photo's of it when he gets back home. It may be at the fall frolic this weekend I don't know.

Stoner creek:
 Iíve spent the better part of the day enjoying this piece. Iíll try to get some pictures of it when I can get some better light. This gun will be at the Fall Frolic show this weekend. Iím anxious to get it zeroed in. Might have to introduce it to one of those Stoner Creek whitetails. Excellent job Brian!!

Wow that is nice!

Looks like a beautiful combination of maple, iron, and silver!  Very nice work... hope I get to see it at the Frolic.

Wow!  I'm liking this one a lot!


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