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UPDATE RCVD - Pewter Nose Cap on rifle found - Looks TN mountain for sure.

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The Tang and barrel next.  The barrel is just under 43", about 35 caliber I'd say.  Brass dovetail and front sight, very small.  The jag carved into the ramrod tip is nice.  I think I see a second dovetail started behind the rear sight.  Or maybe it's something else. 

Now for the wood, and 2 more unusual features.  It has a carved wood butt, but has a steel heel piece.  No toe piece or buttplate.  This is the main reason I bought it, and the trigger guard.  I've finding very few southern rifles that have just a metal or bone heel piece.  Lots of primitive carving, check out that strange cheek rest!  More slashes on the wrist, this seems to have been a "very poor boy" rifle, but has some nice features. 

And for what started this, the poured pewter nose cap.  I can't tell if that is from when it was made, or later.  With all the carving and the rough, hand shaped stock, I assume it is.  But I'm happy to take more pictures if you want to help me determine if it was originally full stock.  I'll have to check my Bryd books, but the brass over steel pieces sure seem like they'd help ID it. 

Thanks for sharing those pictures!  Very interesting rifle.  The wood (hickory) under rib - I've seen on a couple other SMR's but no idea how diagnostic it is. I'm wondering if it wasn't a restock of earlier parts or all original.  Whatever the case it's very unique.  Can you make out anything of the markings on the barrel flat?  I can't tell if it's part of a signature or initials.  Looking forward to the experts' observations.

After a day or two, I remembered to check the bore by running the ramrod down it.  Hit an "obstruction" about 4-5 inches from the bottom.  Uh-oh....and they shipped it that way to me!


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