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UPDATE RCVD - Pewter Nose Cap on rifle found - Looks TN mountain for sure.

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Tim Crosby:
 If you look closely at the front of the cap you will see the end of an unused dovetail, making me think the stock was cut down sometime in it's life. Full length/lose-up Pix of the fore end would tell more.
 Would like to see the rest of of it no matter.

   Tim C.

Cades Cove Fiddler:
 ;) ;)... you might just have you something there, Garrett,... is the rib under the barrel wooden,..? ... the saw-tooth edges on the inlaid pewter nosecap with the square "cut-outs" are common on Sevier Co. TN rifles, also the length past the rammer entry pipe... appears to be walnut stocked,... overall photos of this rifle will afford more clues,... Well done to discover any heretofore unseen Southern Mountain rifle,... !!!... I like 'em all,... Regards,... Cades Cove Fiddler

Thanks man, I'll be happy to show more pics when it comes.  The seller pics are fairly poor.  It does have a wooden under rib.  It has a very large cheekpiece, unlike any I've seen, with some diamond or dot decorative markings around it's perimeter, and one line around it too.  Another unusual feature is it's buttstock is just wood, roughly carved.  But it has a metal heel piece, like that strange "Sherrill" rifle I got last summer in TN. 

More pictures are actually needed and desired - OK, maybe just desired. ;D

OK, I got the rifle.  Discovered quite a few things that tell me it's a Tennessee rifle for sure.  And yes, it's rough, looks like hand carved stock with a knife.  I like it!

First I do believe this one might have a veneer of brass overlay on iron trigger guard.  Or it might be a brass solder at that joint.   From my research on another Tennessee long rifle, this brass overlay technique is pretty isolated in makers and the Northeastern TN region.


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