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My great aunt and uncle bought and sold antiques. This was in the house when they passed away in early 1990s. I cannot see any identifying markings. I assume they purchased the rifle in the 1950s or 1960s. I would appreciate any help in identifying the rifle.  Thank You.

I think you have a shotgun.

rich pierce:
Likely Belgian shotgun made from 1850-1870 for export.

Hard to tell from those photos.  It appears to have a single barrel ?

It also appears to have a high quality walnut stock.  Does the bore at the muzzle look smooth or is it rifled.

Looks like an octagon-to-round barrel smooth bore or fowler, and most likely either an import piece, or a New England piece. The photos give us an idea of what it is, but a few more photos with better lighting would show more details and really help in determining more accurately what you have.  Shelby Gallien


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