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Brown Bess Lock Kit

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Im going to attempt this lock project after deer hunting, so maybe 3 weeks or so. Asking a coule questions now would give me things to ponder while sitting in a tree.
Most things look straight forward, but I am certainly unsure on a few things.
1) the plate is warped pretty good, is a vise the best tool or an arbor press? Is heat needed?
2) How do you get the round tenons to actually be true?


--- Quote --- is a vise the best tool or an arbor press?
--- End quote ---
No heat is needed.  Both the above will work by supporting the plate and applying pressure at the high spot.  Personally, I would lay the plate across the vise jaws and hit the high spot with a dead blow hammer until it was straight.  They all work.

smart dog:
Yes heat is needed very badly because castings from TRS may be somewhat hard on the surface.  I write this having extensive experience with building their locks and in particular, Bess locks.


Thanks to both Dave’s for your replies. I sort of thought it’d take some warming up. I will put some heat to it and press it flat then.
I was looking at the tumbler and assume Id chuck up the round right behind the square and then the other end should be concentric with the first round that goes through the pkate? Its not when I tried that in a drill. How small would that opposite round dare become to be concentric?

You really should use a lathe to true up the tumbler shafts. Ideally a collet, or a four jaw chuck to hold the tumbler while you true up the other side, than do the reverse. There is not much chance the two shafts are concentric in their cast form.


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