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Here is a project that I have been working on lately. It is a scaled down rifle for a lady in 32 caliber. The barrel is by Charley Burton of FCI barrels and is a very slender 38" long that he made up for me. The wood is from Harrison's Gunstocks, lock is a Chamber's Dale Johnson, butt plate and trigger guard are Reeve's castings, thimbles are 5/16" Bevin's, nose cap and triggers were made by me.

I am getting ready to start the carving on the butt stock.

Already looking great, canít wait to see this one finished.

Yes, it already looks great, just wait until that wild looking curl gets some nitric acid! Lovely work Jim. 8)

Thatís going to be another great one, Jim. Canít wait to see it finished.

Rajin cajun:
Looking good Mr. Parker, as usual...!
Sheís going to be a beauty. Canít wait to see the finished product.




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