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Rear sight for old eyes


Hello all, getting along with my Tennessee rifle build and ready to choose sights. Like many others my eyes have lost some of their sharpness. Iím looking for suggestions for rear sights that might assist with this.
1. Would like it to fit the architecture of a flint longrifle
2. Most competitions do not allow peep sights

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

I was introduced to 1.5 power readers (from the dollar store)
First time in a long while I can see both sights clearly.
Try it!


smylee grouch:
Those 1&1/2 power readers helped me too. I Also got help when I made sure the "V" notch in my rear sight had a thin knife like edge to it.

My super accurate .45 squirrel LR which has head hit 100s of squirrels has a .100 thick steel  front sight w/ a silver insert soldered in and  the rear sight has an extra wide square notch.....shows plenty of daylight when aiming. Wouldn't think such a sight setup would be capable of head hitting squirrels, but it has.....Fred


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