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Another tack for the .52

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Ted Kramer:
A four day early  antlerless season opened here today in my area of MN. This nice doe came past my stand this afternoon with two smaller ones. My shot hit a bit high in the shoulder but knocked her down. I finished her off with a head shot.

This is the eighth deer for this rifle. .52 caliber Charles Burton 38” “C” wt., Early Ketland from Jim Chambers. Maple blank came from Pecatonica. All mounts made in my shop.

Load was 70gr GOEX 2f, .509” rb, .020” patch lubed with Track’s mink oil.


Well done. That's going to be some fine eats!

Congratulations Ted.  A!ways glad to see a hunting post here.

Best regards, Skychief.

smylee grouch:
Good job Ted. Hope to get my chance in two weeks.



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