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Spring Release Buttons on Iron Mounted, Banana Patchbox Rifles

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I have a fine, iron mounted, full-stocked rifle that has lost its spring loaded release button from its iron banana-style patchbox lid. However, the release button appears to be different from the normal TN style release with spring bent 90 degrees and mounted inside the patchbox cavity. On my rifle, the release button spring was totally outside of the patchbox cavity, and made as a straight spring that went down and completely through the stock. On the back side of the butt, there is a dimple, or slight indented area, which looks like the original spring had a peened or enlarged tip, to keep it  from pulling back through the stock wood.

My question: has anyone seen this type spring release button on an iron mounted, banana-style patchbox on a southern rifle, perhaps TN origin and perhaps made elsewhere? If so, can you describe it to me, or post pictures, so I know how a replacement spring release should be made and mounted? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Shelby Gallien

Congrats on that one.  Glad to see one of us got it.

Shelby - nice rifle, congrats on your acquisition.


Shelby I would say its rather typical.  Gross used one like that. I really doubt that it went through when made. Normally just drove into the wood....LP

Eric Krewson:
All the contemporary TN patchbox latches I have seen are some variation of what was lost from your rifle, some are just nailed in with a little play for the latch to move, some are screwed in.

I made one for my TN rifle out of a piece of hacksaw blade, it works well. This picture is prior to installing the attaching screw.


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