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Jacob Sees 090926-1
« on: September 27, 2009, 05:20:58 PM »
A rarely seen, well known Lancaster maker, Jacob Sees. The lock
has been replaced. The LOA is 61"; the barrel is swqmped , signed "J *S" and is 44 inches long. The pull is 15".


Hard to find. Only saw one other that I can recall, and it, too, had a low comb.   Looks OK with legit repairs.

Sees' work is very gratifying, but all too infrequent as XXXX has pointed out. All the more reason to put this into the Library as it may well be the only one we will be seeing for a long time to come. The gun has seen some tough times (kids playing with it?) and if it were mine would go in for a wash and a wax job, but still and all, it looks just fine as is.
Great architecture with nice slim lines and a pleasing patch box, a variant of the traditional Lancaster design it appears. It would be nice to get some stats on this gun. Does it have the long barrel length that is typical of many Lancaster guns, for example?
Looks like a nice rifle with a lot of use, maybe as suggested.
A bit different in that the patchbox engraving is all done with chicken track engraving. Is that the way he did it on other guns?
The new lock looks at home, but a shame the original was lost. But then that could be said for a lot of guns.
Dear Nord, You have made my day by adding that photo of the "J.S." on that Jacob Sees rifle barrel.  The initials on that rifle are an exact match of those on my old family heirloom rifle.  It was in the attic of our farmhouse in Lancaster County until the farm was sold in 1941.  Thank you so much.
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