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Sealing round grooves

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Sorry Rich I got carried away

My battery includes three round bottom barrels; two are Rice and one is a Hoyt.  Don't know precisely the depth of the grooves but they are deep.  The Bobby Hoyt barrel is a .45 with wide, round grooves and narrow, ridge-like lands.  The two Rice barrels are a .50 and a .32.  The .50 was easy to find a load for, the .32 took more work.  The .45 was kind of "in-between" so to speak.  The .45 likes both .440" and .445" ball, the .32 & .50 get's ball .010" undersized ball.  The same patch they're loaded with is the same patch used in the square groove barrels .50, .45 and .36.  The loads are very snug but still get seated with the wood, underbarrel rod.

Patch thickness is around.023" to .024" and shows significant compression in the grooves and the recovered patches show no scorching or holes.  Accuracy is everything I could hope for but my shooting has admittedly deteriorated over the decades.

Taylor and I have both noticed that and remarked on it, Hanshi - I guess what we have now, is about as good as it's going to get. ;)

Ted Kramer:
I just measured a lead slug driven through a yet un-used old H&H 1 x 36 x 50 cal barrel I have here. It measures .500 x .520 with the grooves somewhat wider than the lands. Nice radiused grooves only .010 deep should be easy to seal with a normal .50 cal  patch/ball combo.

I should either use it or sell it I guess, wish it was longer.

That will be easily filled, Ted.


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