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Mike from OK:

--- Quote from: Daryl on December 17, 2021, 09:33:57 PM ---These ball screws make removal easy.  Had to do it twice last time Taylor and I went out. Easy/Peasy.
The collar centres the screw which very easily enters the ball, then pull it out.  The rod tip better
be cross pinned - or use a steel or brass range rod.

--- End quote ---

I have one for each of my guns... The only issue is that a dry ball sits so low in the barrel that you don't have much purchase on the ramrod. But I have a 44" Tipton carbon fiber rod (and an 8-32 to 10-32 adapter) at home. The Tipton is for my modern long range unmentionables... But with the adapter it serves just fine. The handle end is also cross drilled so a 5/16 Allen wrench turns it into a fine T handle for extra leverage.

Yanked it right out.

Been a long time since I did something that foolish.


NP - it happens.  For me, talking while loading does it. ::)

Mike from OK:

--- Quote from: Daryl on December 18, 2021, 06:41:15 PM ---NP - it happens.  For me, talking while loading does it. ::)

--- End quote ---

That's probably the secret of my "success" Daryl. 98% of the time shooting is a solitary pastime. I know of no other flintlock enthusiasts in my little corner of Oklahoma's armpit.


Jeff Murray:
If you are using the ramrod under the gun and don't like long ramrods as some noted in another thread, you can file a groove about an inch from the end of the wooden end of the rod.  Carry some sinew with you.  If you have the need and the rod is a little short for your fingers to get a good grip, tie the sinew around the groove and that gives you a few wraps of sinew around your hand to help pull the rod out.  I also mark my rod to show the breech face on the rod.  If that mark is half an inch out of the muzzle, it is very apparent that I was temporarily disoriented by evil forces.

That'll work, Jeff, for sure.  Oft times, a simple thong boot lace, if tied in a clinch knot, will work just fine without needing a notch in the rod.
The rifle I do this most often with, is my .69, so with the patent breech, there's lots of rod sticking out the muzzle after being screwed into the ball.


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