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Bore Fouling

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"Those gunner's Mate tools that Dave makes, are wonderful kit to have. ;)"

Absolutely.  It is a Swiss Army Knife for longrifles.  I like the fact that it includes a drill to drill into the ball before using the screw-in puller.  Works a lot better than just a puller.  I also squirt some WD40 or Break Free CLP down the bore before I attempt to pull the ball.  I also keep a length of paracord in my box to tie the rod to something solid, then I pull the gun off the rod so to speak.  My range rod also fits between the gaps in a picnic table top.  Helps anchor the rod for pulling the ball. 

Everyone needs a Gunner's Mate.  They are man jewelry even if you don't put them to use.  :-) 

God Bless, and Merry Christmas to all,   Marc

smylee grouch:
Bore fouling can at times make it hard to " get the ball rolling " so to speak. Another thing that I have seen is a too large of touch hole liner a little forward of the breech. When the puller screw is turned into the ball it can enlarge the ball sideways into the touch hole liner and when you try to pull the ball out the screw strips out.

Indeed, SmyleeGrouch. Any time you run a screw into an object in the bore, that object expands & before tighter.
 Sifting a small amount of priming powder into the vent, tipping the rifle on it's side & tapping the barrel with the short starter helps.
This will usually push the ball up the barrel a ways, if not all the way out the muzzle, when fired. Done this oft times, when not loading powder under the ball.
Same thing with a caplock - pull the nipple, sift powder into the breech, replace the nipple and shoot the ball out.
Or pull, it, your choice. Either way works.

Jeff Murray:
I have a thin copper wire touch hole pick that will go through the touch hole all the way to the opposite side of the barrel interior.  With patience, 4f can be laid in the pan and slowly packed behind the ball and that will usually blow the ball out of the barrel.  A little slow if you are shooting a match but it works for solo shooting or hunting.


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