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A further suggestion that works, if I may.  After your shooting for the day is done, load about 15 to 20gr. of powder, then a REALLY wet patched ball, and fire that. You will have to push the patched ball past the "location" where from there to the breech face, fouling has been building while you shoot. That is the reason for a really wet patch. You can easily push the wet patched ball past this spot to then seat it on the powder. Fire that and all that previous fouling will be removed with the shot.
Cleaning will be easier than if this was not performed, due to there being much less fouling left from your last shot (15 to 20gr. only).
When Taylor and I clean our rifle's after shooting the trail or a day's shooting, the water is only slightly discoloured - some what grey in tone - not black.
This rather proves a non-buildup of fouling.
When on the trail, I like to fire this last squib-shot on the #1 target, a rather large plate set at about 25 yards. It is a "gimme" target. Pow- - - - - - tink, or more - - - - clunk depending on the calibre.

Hey, Daryl, that last wet patched ball thing sounds like a winner; never thought of that one.  Thanks.

You Sir, are MOST welcome.  :)

Mike from OK:
Yesterday, I set up at 100 yards and started working on setting my sights for that range. Fortunately, my elevation was dead on for that range. But I had to drift my sights a bit for windage.

I was preoccupied with concentrating on that.

Long story short, a dry ball aids greatly in post shooting cleanup. But I don't really recommend it.



These ball screws make removal easy.  Had to do it twice last time Taylor and I went out. Easy/Peasy.
The collar centres the screw which very easily enters the ball, then pull it out.  The rod tip better
be cross pinned - or use a steel or brass range rod.


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