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December Postal Match RESULT AND NEW WINNER!

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Let's do something a little different this month. We're going to have an old fashioned rabbit shoot. Down load the target I have posted by simply going to:
The target will be right there on the main page. Here are the rules. 25 yards OFFHAND OR OFF A BENCH, must be a squirrel rifle (.36 or smaller) if you don't have one that size shoot the smallest caliber you own (I can't believe with the shooters we've been having that there are any who don't own a small bore rifle). The target says to shoot the target in the prone position, DISREGARD THIS. You get 5 targets ONLY as some people have to drive to a range this makes it fair for all. 5 shots at each target with a possible score of 50-5X using the half ball rule. 1 shot at each of the 5 bulls on the target. Let's get out there and get some "bunnies"!

There might even be a prize for the winner (as the judge I am not eligible but will shoot the targets for no score) as long as we get at least 5 shooters (not counting me). Good luck to everyone who is brave enough to shoot this match!

little joe:
My catarac,s are bad but  ain,t that rabbit.

Looks like a bush bunny to me. Good target.
I've printed off enough for Taylor and I, I think.
I suspect his .25 could get a workout.

Offhand vs bench ain't fair....should be one of the other...but it's not my rules ,so I'll shut up.


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