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December Postal Match RESULT AND NEW WINNER!

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Maybe we should keep a target ,next to us on the bench…so we can approximate where the circles are…😃

Scoring yourself a little stiff on the head shot, I see. After enlarging the picture, I have to concur.
Hopefully one of these days Taylor and I can get out.

Excellent idea, Nessmuck! :)


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Ah, I see, You put some florescent stickers on the 10 rings to give a larger aiming point.

Since the orange stickers are the same size as the 10 ring (I poorly drew in the X-ring) I wanted to see if they would show up in my sights better than the all black bullseye. While I did shoot that target slightly better if I hadn't totally missed one of the bulls on my "unaltered" target the scores would have been virtually the same. Not worth the trouble in my humble opinion. Again since my targets don't count I am mostly just playing around.


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