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December Postal Match RESULT AND NEW WINNER!

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Yes I am getting mush brain. I changed the post to say rabbit not squirrel!
It is not offhand vs bench it is either, heck you can shoot prone if you want I just can't get up and down anymore you can lean against a post if you want as long as you are 25 yards away from the target.. I would imagine that most if not all will shoot off a bench. Sorry for any confusion.

Sounds good to me. I haven't benched my .36 yet, at 25 yards.
The last month's target was the first time I benched it at 50. LOL
Looks like a difficult offhand target to me, any more.  40years ago,
Considering those X rings and the possibility to get 5, 4-point X's, well
now, THAT's a goal to strive for, from any position.  ;D

Good luck to you Daryl!

Don't presently have a .36, building a .40 flint. Might use my wife's .40. However might just shoot it with a .58. I won't be using a bench, rabbits run to fast for me to set one up. Helping a friend with an elk hunt so hopefully I can make some time. Like the target.

Well I went out today as you never know how many dry days here in Oregon you will get in December. About 55 degrees, slight overcast and zero wind (no excuses). Shot my .32 caliber Mathew Gillespie "tribute rifle" Don Bruton made for me. .310 round ball with a .015 ticking patch with a 50-50 mix of T.O.T.W. Mink and pure Neatsfoot oiled patches 35 grains of GOEX 3F. These scores are not to be counted I just wanted to show some options on the target. I did at first have a little trouble seeing on the "original" target the individual bullseyes, it all seemed to be one big black target. The sun peeked out a little more and I then could see the 5 bullseye's. Just for shucks and grins I pasted orange stickies over the 10 rings on one target. i could see them a little better but frankly not as much as I thought.
Okay everybody bet out there and shoot some rabbits.


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