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I have a William Billinghurst rifle that I want to get into shooting condition. The bore is shot, so I am going to have it rebored. Right now it's a .421 across the lands. Does anyone have experience shooting these guns? What would be a good bore/ load combo with paper patched bullets? I'm thinking around .44-.45 size, but I can get it bored any size at this point. Also Albert my post was removed from this board last time, and I didn't save your information. If you could send me information concerning your rifle I might still be interested.

Looks to be an interesting project, Billinghurst created some of the best. I think that as to caliber and twist I would talk with Bob Hoyt or Ed Rayl, either of them could give you the proper advice or direct you to someone who could. Not sure if your. question regarding a rifle was directed to me or elsewhere. What rifle are you referring to having interest in?

Albert mentioned that might have a rifle he was going to sell, but I didn't save his info before the post was removed. I will definately check out those two guys, Thanks!

That is a great find. 

The Muzzleloading Caplock Rifle by Ned Roberts has significant information on these rifles. 

The barrel will need to be rebored with the false muzzle in place.  The loading taper in the false muzzle needs to be done correctly.  It may have been made for paper cross patches or naked lead bullets.  Harry Pope made these barrels with a choke.  It will not be a $100 ream and rifle job that might be done on a patched ball or center fire barrel.  If it were mine I'd explore getting it rifle with Pope style rifling and having a custom mold made by Accurate Molds. 

That is great advice. I would like to get this thing as true to original as I can. It's ashame that the bore has a few badly pitted spots becasue the rifling looked beautiful in this. It has very shallow grooves. The scope is original, I believe, but has been dropped or hit on something and the glass broken out on one end. I'm thinking of having MVA make a long scope for it.


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