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Bob Roller:
I shot an Alex Henry barreled Whitworth semi military match rifle for 11 years and used Lyman mould 451112* and I THINK Lyman makes
one 451114 which is very similar. These are grooved bulles with a short,flat nose and I got MOA groups at 100 yards using 75 grains of DuPont or Curtis&Harvey 3fg.No disc or lubed wad.Sizers are no problem.Look in any good industrial supply catalog and there are reamers
of every diameter.I made one last week from brass for a .450.In the mid 1990's I designed a .458 for BPCR that was .458 with two front bands of .450 to center it on the lands.It can be sized to .450 if needed.Dixie Gun Works bought the design for it and a 40 caliber version.
  I agree 101% with Daryl on the Pope style rifling.It was a smaller bore 8 groove version of the 7 groove Alex Henry.It IS a very well proven design for lubricated bullets.
Keep us all in the loop on this interesting rifle.
*451112 now long discontinued but the later 451114 is very close.
Bob Roller

Back in the mid 1070's, I made a trip to Kalispel Montana to visit with and buy some barrels from Les Bauska and to meet and chat with 'Old John" Buhimller.
I didn't get to visit John as he has just fallen down and was not well. I did get to speak to him on the phone, mostly about his long time friend and at that time,
mine,  Lester H. & Irene Hawkes of Wallcot road, B.C.
One of the barrels I bought from Les Bauska, was a .50, with about .006" rifling, but with a 36" ROT.  I made a lead lap and lapped that barrel a bit, filed the flats
more true (those octagonal Bauska barrels were pretty crude), breeched it up - perhaps with a TC breech plug (don't remember) bought an old adjustable Lyman
.510" HB mould that cast from 350 to 550gr. bullets.  At 400gr., they were shorter than the TC Maxiball by about .050". The maxiball shot into 2" at 100yards in that
barrel, so I figured the Lyman bullet might do as well.  I cut a piece of the barrel about 2 1/2" long & made a die (tapered mouth) that fit up against the inside top of
my Rockchucker press and with a plunger on the ram, I could shove these cast and hand-lubed(Crisco) bullets through the die to make them a mechanical fit to the
new barrel.  The flambeau loading trays had 2 sizes of ctg. holding pockets. I cut the bottom of the larger ones out to 7/16", so a lubed .50 cal bullet could be pushed
into the 'tray' and used as a loading block. I no longer remember the powder charge that worked best, but those bullet would stack 5 into an inch, centre to centre. As
I was using a 7/16" fiberglass rod for loading them, with no muzzle protection, I had to cut off 1/8" and re-crown the muzzle, every 200 or so shots, at the time the groups
opened up to 2". I had the TC Tang mounted aperture, with a Lyman aperture front sight.  I used an aperture in it for group shooting, but the post for turkey shoots. It
was a deadly rifle, with it's "mechanically" fitted bullets.
I've mentioned this story, only to show that with a bit of thinking & planning, things we never though possible are quite achievable.


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