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Joanne's Fabric Options?

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Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this has been covered in the past.  I am getting ready to run to Joanne’s fabric to by different patching material.

So far I have used:
Joanne’ Fabric 10oz Natural Bull Denim = .026 (to tight in all of my guns)
Joanne’s Fabric 7oz Natural Medium Wash Denim = .020 (not to bad but can be tight).

What other recommendations would you have me pick up?  I want to try several different types & thicknesses.   This is for incoming TVM .54 Iron PA rifle.


Eric Krewson:
It is best to take your mic with you, I have the same denim you have and one that is .018. I have blue pillow ticking that is .018, .015 and .012 and some red that is .010. I also have some cotton drill cloth that is .014(good stuff) and some tight weave linen that is .011 but didn't hold up to being good patching. All from JoAnn's.

I generally use pillow ticking in the range of .016" to .017" thick.  Old bluejeans are another source different thicknesses - handy when experimenting.

My wife, the seamstress, says no, use pillow ticking.  That’s what we’ve always used.  She says muslin will work nicely also.  Muslin is less thick than pillow ticking and pillow ticking is less thick than the denims.  Denim can have man made fibers in the blend which may melt.


rich pierce:
Fabric strength is important. I avoid cotton fabrics that are not tightly woven and strong by a “rip test”. Make a snip 1” from a corner of the fabric and rip a strip off. This cannot be done with some linen fabrics.


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