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Scheutzen powder velocities

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The available reviews I have read on this powder that were not many years old the velocities seem very slow. I know everything seems slow compared to Swiss. But I have seen one that puts this much slower than Goex. Over 100fps second slower than the same charge of Goex 2f. And 271 fps slower than the same charge as Swiss.
Has anyone else documented that?
What properties of blackpowder or its manufacturing process contributes to these velocity differences?

Yes, it is a bit slower than Goex. I don't consider 100fps that much. You'll never notice it. The problem is we don't have an option anymore with Goex being sold and covid killing supplies anyway.

Monk will be better at explaining why some powder have more power. I'm sure he'll see this thread.

Swiss will always be the best premium powder but you'll pay much more too. I used to use just Swiss but it was only $15lb then too. Todays prices are nuts.

Dutch Blacky:
There is a saying, that only for swiss blackpowder alder buckthorn charcoal is used (Powderwood = Rhamnus frangula). So one gets a quick burning black powder which has more power than the Explosia BP (Schützen?, Vesuvit,  Made in the Czech Republic,

Compared to Swiss no 2, you will need 33% percent more Vesuvit Black Powder.

Mad Monk:
to start on this subject.

The first shipment of the Schuetzen powder arrived here on March 25, 2003.
Test Rifle: .50 cal Lyman Trade Rifle, percussion ignition.
Shooting 80 grain volume charges.

3F powders.

1860 fps Swiss.
1622 fps Schuetzen

1536 fps GOEX Nov  13, 2001 packing date.
1426 fps GOEX Nov  14, 2001 packing date.
1490 fps GOEX Aug   01,2002  packing date.
1663 fps GOEX Sept  10, 2002 packing date.

2F powders.

1658 Swiss
1423 Schuetzen

1411 GOEX Feb 6, 2002  packing date
1485 GOEX Sept 16, 2002 packing date
1511 GOEX Oct 7, 2002

The wide variation in the GOEX velocities was due to their inability to find a god source of charcoal for the production at the Minden Plant.  Development of the Schuetzen powder was started in 2002 and the goal was to make it equal in velocity to GOEX production.  By late 2002 GOEX was finally able to locate and purchase a good source of charcoal and that really bumped up their velocities.  Later on Schuetzen played with their charcoal and bumped their velocities up.  But over the years GOEX had problems at both Moosic and Minden with some pretty wide differences in lot to lot differences in velocities.  Just one of the joys of having to run a black powder plant when you must buy all of your ingredients from companies who could care less about your quality needs versus their normal or average customer.

Mad Monk:
I forgot to mention that all of the 3F powders were shot on one day and then the seconds day all of he 2f powders.  That way there was no difference in how differences in air temperature would alter the velocities.  The idea being to reduce any variables that would alter the resulting data.
Also forgot to mention using .490 balls with .020 #4 cotton drill with the Lestom Labs produced Lehigh Valley lube and not the Ox-Yoke production version.


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