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A book review by T. D. Glazener
The Longrifle Makers Of The Rowan School
The History of Longrifle Making in Rowan County, North Carolina
By C. Michael Briggs

My wife and I both were born in VA but both sides of both our families have deep roots in Piedmont and Western NC so both of these areas have always been of interest to me. Early Rowan County was settled by the Scot-Irish and German immigrants; our ancestors were a mix of both Scot-Irish and German so that too helped my interest in this area of NC.

I remember years ago I saw a couple of photos of a Henry Bruner rifle, I don’t remember who had the photos nor did I know the Bruner family were early Rowan County gun makers, I just knew that I loved the looks of that rifle. After reading Michael’s book I now understand why I had not seen more Rowan County rifles, they are rare, hard to find and are unique to this area of North Carolina. Michael states: “The stock architecture used in this school is very individualistic. They are not copies of rifles made in other states. Nothing else looks like a Rowan County Rifle.” After reading this book and seeing its photos, I agree with him.

Michael spent 40 plus years studying NC longrifles, including Rowan, Stanley and Cabarrus counties, these counties are close to the center of today’s Rowan School of longrifle makers.

John Bivins once wrote that “Salisbury (NC) quickly became the hub of settlement west of the Yadkin River and it became, at the same time, the gunsmithing center of the Piedmont prior to the Revolution”. John also said he believed Daniel Boone’s first longrifle was likely made in Rowan County NC.

Michael collected a large amount of history, photos, and data on the gun makers that built rifles in this area of NC. If you are a student of NC longrifles or just enjoy knowing more about the history of the men that built these beautiful longrifles, I know that you will love this book.

The book may be purchased directly from the author (see ordering information shown below) or you may order the book from

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