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Andrew Figthorn Jr. - Attributed (Ref. 081227-2)
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Corrected 04/14/09

An Andrew Figthorn Jr. (attributed) and that's been confirmed by Henry Bishop of Atlanta.  It's a flintlock, fullstock, 44" barrel with a 13 3/4" trigger pull.  Relief carved.  Fighthorn, along with Reedy and Bonowitz worked in Wolmelsdorf Pennsylvania.

Nord, The rifle you display as a Andrew Figthorn SR. is actually the work of his son Andrew Fichthorn [ Figthorn ] JR. Fichthorn Jr. apprenticed with John Bonewitz around 1795. He returned to the Boro of Reading about 1802-1803 and set up shop there and worked until his death in 1822. We don't know what his fathers guns looked like and several of the guns attributed to Haga may be his work. My research leads me to believe Sr. was more into finance and real estate when Junior was making guns. At least the tax records from that time frame suggest so.
If you are a KRA member my research on Fichthorn and Bonewitz has been published in several KRA bulletins and also in the Foundation book "Selected Articles from the KRA Bulletin [Volume
1-30] made available a few years ago. If you do not have either of these materials I can probably solve that problem.
I like what you guys are doing but needed to fine tune Figthorn since you used my name. And I can submit pictures and info on Bonewitz if you'd like. Please refer me to a good example in the library I can use as a guide as to what you are looking for. And if want to expand on Reedy I can do that as well.
Regards, Henry Bishop
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