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Original Virginia Pouch and Horn
« on: October 09, 2009, 06:08:27 PM »
In response to Brian's request about original, Appalachian mountain pouches, attached are some photos of an original pouch and horn in my collection.

This pouch and horn came from the Monterey, VA area in Highland County. It is an interesting pouch and appears to have been  made from an old boot. You can still see the boot pull stitch holes on the lower edges of the front and back. The pouch measures 7" wide at the top, and 7.5" at the bottom by 7" deep. There is a full inside divider laced between the front and back as well. The strap is made from an old piece of harness and the adjustment is laced at the top. The pouch is still pretty supple and in very good shape.

The horn appears to have had an applied tip originally, but it has been lost to time and use. The turned base has several rings in it along with a screw for strap attachment.

Hope you enjoy it. I am finishing up an exact replica of this pouch which I hope will be ready by tomorrow. If I have time before leaving town Sunday, I will put some photos of it out here as well.



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Re: Original Virginia Pouch and Horn
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Thanks for sharing, nice to see how they use to make em', can't wait to see your's!


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Re: Original Virginia Pouch and Horn
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Neat old pouch Jeff. We always have to make thing over complicated. The old timers just wanted something that worked.