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Lube and shot loads when where and how

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Tim Ault:
I’m still reading all about different shot load combos and trying to gain knowledge . But one question I have is about lube . Not what lube to use  but when how much and the like . Some of the combos I have see do mention using a lubed felt wad over powder or in the sky chief load over the shot . But a lot of combos are just powder 2 thin cards ,shot and one thin card on top no lube mentioned ?  So am I correct that no lube can be used successfully without undue fowling  effecting loading following shots? So what gets lubed or not lubed in everyone’s shot loads ?   

Thanks , Tim

When I am shooting trap with my flint 20 bore with the choke, I use a Track lubed wad between power and shot with a thin overshot wad to top it off.
I have shot trap with it, using only thin B (over shot) wads, 2 between the powder and shot and one over, with no lube and had no difficulties loading
and shooting 20 shots.
Patterns with the thin "B" wads only, is almost as good as the lubed wad in my choked tube.  If non-choked, the thin wads can give very good patterns
better than most other combinations.  The only way to find out with YOUR gun, is to try different combinations.
What was the "jingle"?  Less powder, more lead, shoots far, kills dead?
My load is usually 3 drams of 2F, 1 1/8oz shot in my choked 20 Bore.

Prairie dog shooter:
For my trade gun and my double barrel shotgun I load half of a cushion wad lubed with sweet oil (olive oil). 

I know some clays shooters who buy unlubed wads but soak them in a little clay dish of water with a drop of dish soap before they load the gun.   

There seems to be no one right way of doing it.  Just load what your gun patterns best. 

Exactly! One must try different solutions and use what works for "them".

I stand fiber wads in a pan of olive oil overnight. By morning, the whole wad is soaked and there's hardly any in the pan. You can easily do 100 at a time. I keep them on a piece of cardboard for another day and some loose oil runs out. What is left is a slightly damp oily wad. When using, I often split one in half and use half in each barrel (SxS) These start as 1/2" thick wads. It keeps loading easy and the barrels clean up real easy at the end of the day. There are a lot of different ways. I tried this and like it enough that I keep doing it.


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