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clay pipes period correct
« on: August 12, 2008, 02:51:57 AM »
I have tried to find a source for period correct clay pipes but no luck.I have a few clay pipes from williamsburg but they are more revolutionary period.I wanted french&Indian period clay pipe which has a more straightened bowl to the stem an with clay correct to what was originally used.Anybody know of a source for good authentic/period correct clay pipes???? thanks

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Re: clay pipes period correct
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Re: clay pipes period correct
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Just curious which "period" you are looking for?    I do 1740-1790 myself so that covers my period just fine.  I think you may find culture and area have mroe impact then time.

1810-1860 pipes like these "victorian character pipes" may fit

Or the Irish wake pipe

Both of these being slurry versus true clay pipes  are appropriate to the 19th century being more poured then pressed into the molds.

Here is a good history site.

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