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Working on a turkey load

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rich pierce:
Yesterday did a few tests with my .69 NE fowler. Seems 90 grains of FFG and 100 grains equivalent-by-measure of 6ís in a rolled paper shot cup over a hard wad is ok to 30 yards. Sucker kicks though. Iím sure if thereís a gobbler involved I wonít mind much! Canít find my #5 shot yet. First time turkey hunting. Season opens May 1 in Vermont.

I use pretty much the same load in my Brown Bess, with the exception that I use 80 grs 3FFF Old Eynsford and a cork wad. Then a 1/3 lubed cushion wad b-4 store paper bag shot cup. Getting 35-40 plus hits in neck ,head area with #5 nickel plated shot.

Forgot to mention 1 1/2oz of #5 NP

pic of same loading procedure in my 20 gauge TVM fowler

rich pierce:
You guys are embarrassing me!  :o


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