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Bob Gerard:
Had a great day with friends shooting the breeze and shooting the muzzle loaders.
I took out my 1733 French Dragoon for some clay pigeon shooting fun.
I am pretty sure I winged a clay but no one believed me  :(
What a grand time!

Heck I canít hit them with a FL fowler.
One of my many failings.

You just gave me a reason to build one.

Pukka Bundook:
I've found with clays, that if you wait a bit they come down anyway!....saves ammo!

Have you boys heard of "The Swallow match"   ?
Capt Horatio Ross shot so may swallows in this wager, with his flint pistols.
Not sure if flying or sitting on a nest! LOL.
Used a ball though, not shot.

Bob Roller:
Does this start with a holstered gun or??? ;D ;D ;D ;D
At the bottom of Bob Gerard's post is a group of pictures
and one of them is a fine song called "If I were a Carpenter".
a Tim Hardin classic done by s real guitarist,Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
Was this a pop up or did Mr.Gerard place it there.Either way,
this "Ramblin' Jack knows what he's doing.
Bob Roller


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