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HFg or IIFg...Old Topic, New Pics



This topic was discussed last year, but I just acquired these powdercans recently at a gun show near the DuPont Hagley Museum.
I cannot say that the powder in the partially filled cans is original, but both appear to be FFg.??
The small can has the mushroom shaped screw on lid ( brass ), and the larger can has a standard brass cap with the patent date of July 1924.

Bob Roller:
Never heard of Hfg but had a pretty 1/2 pound can pof DuPont Indian Rifle powder.Anyone ever hear of it and what was it?
Bob Roller

Hungry Horse:
On the big can if it says Made in USA on the back it was made after WWII.

 Hungry Horse

There was a thread on this in the last year. Bill Knight “mad monk” gave the answers. Look through his postings and you will find it.  God Bless, Marc

Check topic Powder Granulation from January 2021.


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