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Kentucky Gunmakers 1775-1900, Epiloge by Shelby Gallien
« on: September 28, 2022, 03:17:41 PM »
Back in 2012 "Kentucky Gunmakers 1775-1900" was published in two large volumes, "Gunmaking History" and "Biographies." Since that time, new research has identified a few small gaps in the original narrative and about 250 new names of early Kentucky gunsmiths. As expected, the first volumes pulled out a large number of new guns, some very significant to the study of Kentucky gunmaking. Between all the new material, new rifles, and a few small gaps in the narrative, a final volume was needed to complete the study. The new volume is sub-subtitled "Epilogue;" it wraps up the study of Kentucky's early gunmaking with solid research, fine photography, and a number of new insights into early gunmaking.

"Epilogue" is not a stand-alone volume, but rather a complement to the first two volumes, “Gunmaking History” and Biographies,” and adds significantly to both volumes while illustrating important rifles from every gunmaking school [including two newly identified schools] in full color. New materials in this large format [9x12 pages] volume of 330 pages include:

Part A: Kentucky gunsmiths’ daily trials and tribulations are examined in short chapters that explore black gunsmiths in Kentucky; gunsmiths’ many skills and part-time jobs; injuries and deaths suffered by gunsmiths; interesting gunsmith anecdotes; gunsmithing dynasties in Kentucky, etc.   

Part B: Rifles from each of Kentucky’s gunmaking schools, including the new Clark County and the Cumberland Schools, are described and illustrated in large, full color images,

Part C: Over two hundred and fifty new Kentucky gunsmiths are documented, and over two hundred and thirty previously known Kentucky gunsmiths have expanded biographies.

Price is $90 plus $10 packing/shipping. If interested, contact author Shelby Gallien either through this web site, or by e-mail at If you have more than a passing interest in early Kentucky firearms or early Kentucky Tansel powder horns, or want to get a good deal on purchasing all three volumes together, you may enjoy visiting the Shelby's new web site,

Shelby Gallien

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