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Tim Crosby:
Here are some pictures of a miniature set of accouterments I made. The bag is a double, the front pocket has a gusset, it is about 4 X 4", the length from the top of the strap to the bottom of the bag is 17 1/2". Hanging from the strap a pair of loading block, a turned powder measure made of antler, a patch knife with an octagonal handle of antler with a silver guard, and a pick and brush set also made from turned antler. The horn is about 5 1/2" long, with a turned base and antler plug. Inside the bag are a screw driver, flint wallet, flint hammer, a ball pouch, patching, a fishing line w/hook/bobber, a tinder box made of horn and walnut with a steel, flint and tinder and a pipe and tobaco pouch.  I may add a short starter and priming horn, I will add a turkey call as soon as I get some chicken wing bones, a bell and maybe a set of dice.  The stand is 25 1/2 X 6 1/2"s.

Tim C.

Nice work, a novel idea well executed.

Jerry Fisher

Scott Brush:
Very nice Tim, right down to the stand.


  "COOL"  Now where is the gun that goes with it ? I had a friend that made miniature guns and knives, he made numerous muzzleloading rifles along with a Weatherby, complete with scope,  a trapdoor Springfield, and a Ruger No. 1.

Dr. Tim-Boone:
Tim, Where do the gnomes live??  Very nice stuff!!!!


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